According to the article writtten by John Kennedy in todays New media section of SiliconRepublic; Photo-sharing network Instagram has just launched a new tagging feature called Photos of You that makes it easier to add people and things to photos.

Instagram has added the new Photos of You section to users’ profiles so they can keep track of wherever they’ve been mentioned.

Similar to the tagging system on Facebook, users will receive a notification every time they are tagged in a photo.

The photo-sharing network, which Facebook acquired a year ago, is making the new feature available on its version 3.5 app in the iOS App Store, as well as Android version 3.5 in the Google Play store.

Instagram said the feature will become visible on all profiles on 16 May, but until then users can choose to make it visible or invisible on their profiles.



Having a twitter account myself i have always questioned how to gain followers. I follow my friends and then the big celebrities like Justin Bieber and the Kardashions.  For text to go worldwide and people to find them they must be hash tagged. I have found on the following website who are the most followed people on Twitter. These figures were taken just now so they are constantly growing quickly. Here are the top 3 accounts that have the most followers on them:

Justin Bieber: 34218722 followers

Lady Gaga: 33966873 followers

Katy Perry: 32096149 followers

In my opinion instagram is an application used mainly on mobile phones to share photos worldwide. I have it on my iPhone which i use daily to share my pictures to other uses all around the world. Other users can fine your images by searching hash-tags you have tagged in your picture. You have an option to comment and like pictures which can lead to more people following you. 

According to Kelly Lux’s Blog she writes that instagram is about photo sharing, photo manipulation, social side and finding people to follow.

She shares that photo sharing is: “You can take pictures within the app or use photos that already exist in your camera roll.  You can give your photo a title, which is helpful and fun.  Photos can be instantly shared, not only on Instagram, but also facebook, twitter, Flickr, Posterous and Tumblr.  You can also connect with your foursquare account and tag your photos with location”.

This is my first ever Blog.. HELLO

I will be  using this blogging application to blog about all the different applications I have been using online. These applications will include:  Instagram, Tumblr, PB works, Twitter, WordPress and Facebook. I will research and create a blog on each of them telling you what I have learnt from others and myself while using these applications over the next week.